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Chocolate Brownie

A deliciously rich moist, fudgy chocolate brownie to end your meal on a sweet note. Perfectly made for chocolate lovers. 

Apple Pie

Crispy on the outside, deliciously tasty and sweet on the inside, our Apple Pie is a fruity classic. 

Double Chocolate Cookie

After a great meal, finish it high with a soft, crunchie and moreish Double Chocolate Cookie to go with your  hot beverage.

Triple Chocolate Cookie

 Loaded with chunks of milk, dark and white chocolate, this Triple Chocolate Cookie is everything you need for dessert. 

Hot beverages

Hot chocolate

A silky treat made with a rich, chocolate syrup. Smooth and deliciously warming Hot Chocolate. 

Black Coffee

A tall black coffee. Freshly ground, 100% Arabica Beans steamed to perfection. Happiness in a cup.


A double shot of Arabica bean espresso with steamed semi-skimmed milk. The classic frothy coffee.

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